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I Bought A Mask Printed With My Own Face — The Results Were Hilariously Terrifying

Recently, my girlfriend exposed me to a kind of weird thing you can only find on the Internet — a site ( that offers to print a mask of any face you send them. Naturally, I decided to get a mask of my own face. That’s not a mask you can get anywhere else, and I’d be able to see how closely their work resembled the real thing. Once the product I arrived, I realized this was going to be an unusual journey of self discovery I was going to have to undergo as soon as I put the mask on. You can see the results in the accompanying video.

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I Pretended To Be Insane And Aaron's Still Offered Me A Loan

Recently, we’ve been getting our collective rocks off making fun of Aaron’s new “Max Your Tax!” ad campaign to bring in customers looking for ways to unwisely spend their tax refunds. As it turns out, companies like Aaron’s and Rent-a-Center are in the Rent-To-Own industry, a service the government characterizes as a service of predatory lenders.