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5 Best Up and Coming Comedians I Just Made Up

I don’t know any up and coming comedians to spotlight but I have to make this list anyway so I’m just going to do my best to make it up as I go along and hopefully by the end we’ll all get out of here okay.

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Kicking off the Riot LA Comedy Festival with Jo Firestone and Aparna Nancherla

There are a lot of great shows we’re looking forward to at RIOT LA, not least of which is one show that features two of comedy’s most delightful voices: Aparna Nancherla and Jo Firestone. It’s a show called Aparna ‘N’ Jo, which makes sense.

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6 Comedians on Their Favorite Moments from the 2017 RIOT LA Festival

Downtown Los Angeles was a bevy of activity last weekend as the RIOT LA Comedy Festival attracted hundreds of comedy fans for a four-night celebration of joke telling through nine busy venues. Saturday’s shows were only a few blocks away from where the Women’s March had attracted over 750,000 protesters earlier in the day which brought a fresh sense of energy and excitement to the night’s events. On Sunday, a torrential downpour threatened to turn away festival-goers but that would not be the case as audience members still turned out in droves to bear witness to their favorite podcasters, performers, and comedians.

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6 Celebrity Karaoke Shows We'll Sell to Any Interested Network

We are truly living in the Golden Age of Celebrity Karaoke

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5 Websites To Visit Before You Die

The best places to "surf the web" before your untimely demise.

Screen shot 2016 04 01 at 4.49.12 pm article

Back to the Future: Original Casting

Sketch Video
The character was originally played by a young man Morty McFly, and the story was based on his one-man show "Time Car: A Back to the Future Life."

Screen shot 2016 04 02 at 8.49.52 pm article

7 Flawless Beyoncé Photos, Retirement Facts

Is there anything about Beyoncé that isn’t FIERCE? Completely unrelated, for most Americans, the prospect of retiring comfortably is a complete mystery.

Screen shot 2016 04 02 at 9.14.06 pm article

6 Bad Chads

Why am I the only person? Why is the only other person Chad? Why does Chad take so many forms? Why is it that Chad must be destroyed at any and all costs?

Screen shot 2016 04 02 at 9.14.36 pm article

Conan O'Brien: Stand-up's Best Friend in Late Night

If the other hosts are fans of comedians, they haven’t demonstrated it to the same degree as Conan. The same night Madonna did stand-up on Fallon, Conan had two comedians on: Amy Schumer was lead guest and Joe Zimmerman did a set. The night before featured Tig Notaro and Jon Dore. This is not unusual for the show. Conan’s most booked guest over the years is Marc Maron by a considerable margin; lately Bill Burr has been making multiple appearances per year.

Screen shot 2016 04 07 at 10.38.26 am article

I Keep It Fleek So My Children Will Respect Me

My children stopped loving me years ago. They never said anything to that effect. But around the time of our family vacation to Reno, which lasted for 10 years and which only I went on, I started to feel a shift.

Screen shot 2016 04 13 at 1.30.51 pm article

I Ranked The Best Parts Of A Sandwich, Reluctantly

For me, reviewing sandwiches is my job. It’s what puts food on the table, usually sandwiches for work purposes. When that’s done, I put other food on the table for my family, usually tacos because those are my real passion. My kids complain because they usually just want grilled cheese.

Screen shot 2016 04 27 at 10.11.19 pm article

Simple Solutions To The NFL's Concussion Crisis

The football industrial complex is facing its biggest 3-letter crisis since the XFL — CTE research has clearly established the link between football activity and brain damage.

Hulk hogan usa flag article

Six New National Anthems That Would Be Better Than "The Star ...

Besides the troubling lyrics and context around the song, “The Star-Spangled Banner” also just sucks as a song. The melody sounds like two monster trucks having sex on a pile of cats and it only works when Whitney Houston performs it at the Super Bowl. If we’re going to make the change, let’s aim for something musically competent this time around.

Screen shot 2016 04 02 at 8.58.28 pm article

13 Insightful Things You Can Say At Your Super Tuesday Party

If you’re like most people, you’re only going to your Super Tuesday party for the social element, but you might feel pressured to contribute to an actual conversation about the election. In that case, don’t panic! Just remember that you read this article and pull it out from your pants pocket because you also remembered to print this out because this sentence reminded you to do that.

Screen shot 2016 04 02 at 9.04.33 pm article

9 Ways Leap Day Is More Special Than You

Leap Day doesn’t happen very often which makes it fairly special for a non-holiday day. On the other hand, your distinct lack of specialness would be offensive if your averageness weren’t so numbingly bland.